Introducing Collections: A New Way to Shop Local

SokoLocal has rolled out a new feature that allows users to easily shop for everything they need for their new hobby, project, next event or holiday. SokoLocal’s Collections are curated groupings of products to help shoppers shop for products within a specific interest from local shops within their city.

Online shopping through over 2 million products can feel overwhelming–which is why SokoLocal’s curated commerce pages allows shoppers to narrow down their searches and find items that they need– or didn’t know they needed– all in once place.

SokoLocal, created and developed by MQLabs, a Calgary-based technology company, launched in the spring of this year and has been helping to connect online retailers with local customers in cities across North America ever since.

“The new Collections feature is one that our entire team at SokoLocal team is excited about,” said Nikhil Sonpal, Founder, MQLabs. “We have always seen our platform as a win-win scenario for consumers and businesses alike, and this feature is another opportunity that we identified for us to help both local shops and shoppers. Collections will help consumers find the products they want, while also increasing visibility of local shops and businesses.”

The new Collections help consumers tap into special interests such as hiking, furniture, sports memorabilia and more. This is fundamental for a continued increase in products as well as improving the user experience. It is also a way for SokoLocal to further market businesses on their behalf and assists in creating awareness for talented local entrepreneurs.

For more information, to browse local products, or have a local business added to the directory, visit



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A new way to easily shop local businesses — so you can spend where your heart is